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Psychological safety involves the feeling of being accepted and respected, believing you can present your true self at work without fear of negative consequences to your self-image, status, or career. But it also goes beyond that to trusting that your team and your workplace is safe for interpersonal risk taking, which is crucial to being in an energized workplace of learners and problem solvers. When there's a high level of psychological safety, there is a culture of inclusion. People feel safe to speak up, to offer ideas, and to ask questions. At the very core of psychological safety is a mindset that welcomes diversity of thought, whether it brings good news, bad news, or a puzzle.

In this course, you'll learn what psychological safety is and the big impact it has in the workplace, and how to nurture a mindset of psychological safety and build a skillset that supports it. And you'll learn what challenges might inhibit a culture of psychological safety, solutions for overcoming each challenge, and techniques to measure and sustain high levels of psychological safety in your workplace.

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