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Course Description

Security is only as strong as the underlying policies, plans, and procedures. In this course, you will explore the importance of policies, plans, and procedures for security. This course will help prepare you for the SY0-501 Security+ exam.

Learning Objectives

Introducing Policies, Plans, and Procedures

  • start the course
  • describe the benefits of using standard operating procedures
  • define various agreements such as BPA, SLA, ISA, and MOU
  • describe the benefits of enforcing mandatory vacations, job rotation, separation of duties, and the principle of least privilege
  • describe the benefits of a clean desk policy, a background check policy, exit interviews, NDA, and onboarding
  • describe the benefits of security awareness training
  • define the purpose of acceptable use policies
  • describe the benefits of social media policies and personal email policies

Practice: Policies, Plans, and Procedures

  • recall the purpose of various policies, plans, and procedures

Framework Connections