• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

The effective use of analytics tools and techniques is a key requirement when analyzing the business problems your organization is currently dealing with. However, it's vital that you also possess a strong set of personal skills to help you process and understand the large amounts of data you'll likely come across during your analysis.
In this course, you'll learn about some of the personal competencies required by a business analyst. These skills are covered in the business analysis body of knowledge (BABOK), and include analytical thinking and problem solving, interaction skills, and communication skills.

Learning Objectives

Analytical Thinking

  • recognize behaviors that demonstrate learning, creative thinking, and visual thinking skills
  • recognize behaviors that demonstrate conceptual and systems thinking skills
  • recognize effective decision-making and problem-solving skills

Interaction Skills

  • recognize behaviors associated with effective teamwork, facilitation, and teaching
  • recognize characteristics of an effective leader and negotiator

Communication Skills

  • recognize barriers to effective communication
  • recognize characteristics of effective verbal communication
  • recognize characteristics of effective nonverbal communication
  • recognize characteristics of effective written communication
  • recognize characteristics of effective listening
  • demonstrate your understanding of personal skills competencies

Framework Connections