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Course Description

Learners will discover key features of network access control (NAC), the importance of NAC in a network, various NAC elements, authentication, and its implementation, in this 12-video course. Explore the risks and challenges associated with BYOD, which means "bring your own device" and IoT, which is Internet of Things. You will begin the course by examining the security risks introduced by BYOD and IoT, along with their preventive measures. You will then explore the major challenges with BYOD in an organization. The next tutorial defines NAC and the importance it has in a network. This leads into examining the NAC architecture; the different features of NAC; and the impact of an improperly configured NAC. You will learn about the various NAC elements; recall the best practices of implementing NAC, and identify the key points for creating an effective checklist for NAC security. In the final tutorial, learners will be asked to list the NAC authentication methods.

Learning Objectives

{"introduce the key concepts of the course"}

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