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Course Description

Explore various honeypot concepts, such as the types of honeypots, roles and uses of a honeypot, and how honeypot data analysis is used. In this 12-video course, you will examine strengths and weaknesses of a honeypot and how it is placed in networks. Key concepts covered in this course include the honeypot system itself, configured to detect, deflect, or counteract any unauthorized attempt to gain access to information; learning the various types of honeypots that can be used focusing on low and high interaction level types; and learning about the role played by honeypots in overall network security. Next, you will examine learn honeypot uses and disadvantages; learn the deployment strategies of a honeypot; and learn the various open-source and commercial honeypot products available on the market. Finally, learners will observe how honeypots are placed in a network; how to install and configure a honeypot by using KFSensor honeypot software; and explore how honeypot data analysis is captured through automated software or through a manual method.

Learning Objectives

{"introduce the key concepts of the course"}

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