• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

Cloud computing allows businesses to access mobile, on-demand data and application services without the traditional IT capital costs. Using cloud for business also improves efficiency and flexibility when dealing with customers, suppliers, and partners.

This course covers the benefits and deployment options for utilizing cloud-based technologies and big data effectively. You'll explore different deployment models, and how to migrate to and use cloud services. You'll also learn about ways to measure return on an investment in cloud computing and related collaborative tools.

Learning Objectives

Embracing the Cloud for Business Efficiency

  • Embracing the Cloud for Business Efficiency
  • identify key characteristics of the cloud computing model
  • recognize business benefits of adopting a cloud computing model
  • identify risks to prepare for when adopting cloud-based technologies
  • distinguish between cloud computing deployment model options
  • recognize best practices for moving to cloud-based technologies effectively
  • identify performance metrics you can use to measure the ROI on cloud-based technologies
  • Knowledge Check: Utilizing the Cloud

Framework Connections