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Course Description

The discovery phase includes performing different types of reconnaissance on a target. To accomplish this, attackers can use a series of techniques, exploits, and tools. In this course, learn about common attack vectors such as malware, social engineering, and session hijacking. Discover how to collect legacy and archived web page content using discovery tools, and learn how to identify domains and IP addresses using the Netcraft website. Explore how to maximize command-line tools to discover shares and local network configurations, and learn the importance of checking to see if targets are using default passwords. You'll also discover how footprinting can be used to extract details of a website, how to disable NetBIOS, how to use kali to perform banner grabbing. Lastly, discover countermeasure techniques such as using generic domain names, hardening systems, and turning off unnecessary protocols and services. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK). 

Learning Objectives

{"recognize the role of the discovery phase in a security investigation"}

Framework Connections