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Course Description

The goal of cybersecurity is to protect systems, networks, data, and programs from digital attacks. As cyber-attacks continue to increase in frequency and sophistication, it is imperative that cybersecurity professionals learn how to quickly identify and mitigate vulnerabilities. In this course, you will learn common security terminology including threats, vulnerabilities, attacks, exploits, controls, and countermeasures. Discover the fundamentals of the confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA) triad, and explore the five elements of the AAA framework; identification, authentication, authorization, auditing, and accountability. You'll then explore risk considerations and management strategies, and discover how risks can be mitigated, accepted, transferred, and rejected. Lastly, explore core networking components and discover how information flow models are used to prevent unauthorized information flow in any direction. This course was originally created by Global Knowledge (GK). 

Learning Objectives

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