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Course Description

Perhaps nothing is more frustrating for the average computer user or his IT security staffer than being tricked into divulging sensitive information by a social engineering practitioner. Hackers are malicious and ingenious using malware, bots, ransomware, viruses, and plain garden-variety scams but there are sensible ways to reduce the risk. This 13-video course offers you invaluable information on hackers' methods and ways to mitigate their devious schemes, whether by e-mail phishing messages, malware, or bots, a favorite tool of black-market operators. Next, learners explore the danger of ransomware and how to mitigate this threat; how malware and botnets have become black-market commodities; and why botnets are proliferating under cybercriminals' user control. Then watch a demonstration of how to configure a reverse shell and use the Malzilla tool to explore malicious web pages. The course concludes by exploring a GUI (graphical user interface) malware dashboard and showing how to configure malware settings on an endpoint device. The course helps to prepare learners for CompTIA+ Cybersecurity Analyst+ (CySA+) CS0-002 certification exam.

Learning Objectives

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