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Course Description

In this 8-video course, you will explore the critical and often over-looked approaches to legal and regulatory compliance when working with cloud solution providers. The best way to manage compliance by using different regulations and different security controls is to have some type of methodology or architecture, and this can involve a wide variety of different practices, so you will take a look at some of these practices. Next, you will delve into legal requirements and risks as it is important to be aware of certain legal requirements and regulations and other risks that go along with various aspects of dealing with cloud computing. You will continue by examining privacy issues and jurisdictional variation. Next, you will learn about audit processes and methodologies for the cloud, followed by outsourcing and cloud contract design. The final tutorial in this course focuses on common regulations and mandates. The concluding exercise directs learners to describe legal and compliance issues in the cloud.

Learning Objectives

{"describe the content areas covered in this course"}

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