• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

Implement best practices in securing access to your systems integrate threat feeds into your existing detection capabilities and better secure your digital footprint.  Help improve your insurance security scoring and insurability with proven techniques.

Learning Objectives

Manage accounts, network rights, and access to systems and equipment. (T0144)
Conduct open-source data collection via various online tools. (T0620)
Assess threats to and vulnerabilities of computer system(s) to develop a security risk profile. (T0019)
Conduct risk analysis, feasibility study, and/or trade-off analysis to develop; document; and refine functional requirements and specifications. (T0033)
Leverage best practices for positioning your security posture to insurers to help improve your security scoring; insurability; and premium reduction.
Skill in identifying cyber threats which may jeopardize organization and/or partner interests. (S0229)
Skill to anticipate key target or threat activities which are likely to prompt a leadership decision. (S0309)
Identify how insurers view and score your external security posture.
Identify best practices for communicating your security posture with insurers
Identify how to integrate threat intel feeds to help reduce risk

Framework Connections