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Course Description

Three hours lecture; 3 credits. An introduction to communication networks. Includes the OSI layering model of networks with emphasis on the physical, data link, and network layers; and network topologies. Introduction to a variety of computer, satellite, and local-area communication networks, including Ethernet, Internet, packet radio,and the telephone network.

Learning Objectives


  • Identify and explain the fundamental concepts of protocols and examine protocol structures
  • Examine/design a data communication link considering fundamental concepts of signals, medium, encoding, reliability and efficiency
  • Identify key elements of Wide Area Networks, such as switching, routing, congestion, and QoS
  • Architect a Local Area Network considering the shared medium choices for high-speed LANs or Wireless LANs
  • Understand and examine Internet and Transport Protocols and gain deep knowledge on Internetwork operations
  • Identify the key aspects of internet applications such as network security, Email and network management, DNS and web servers and multimedia


Framework Connections

Specialty Areas

  • Network Services