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  • Online, Instructor-Led
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Course Description

The Certified Network Principles is a fun and fast paced course where the student will learn concepts and skills needed to plan, install, maintain, and troubleshoot today's networks including wireless and server-based networks.  The student will also learn new technologies such as virtual networks and SD Networks found in many cloud architectures, moving forward to physical components, TCP/IP Stack, OSI Model, switches routers wireless and Bluetooth.

Learning Objectives

Module 1: Intro to Network Fundamentals
Module 2: The Physical Networking Fundamentals
Module 3: TCP/IP Primer
Module 4: Connecting Networks with Switches and Routers
Module 5: Wireless Networking
Module 6: Security Principles
Module 7: Defending the Network
Module 8: Network Technology Boom
Module 9: Day to Day Networking
Module 10: Network Planning

Framework Connections