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Course Description

The C)ISSO course/certification has been validated by the NSA for: CNSSI-4012, National Information Assurance Training Standard for Senior System Managers and NSTISSI-4011, National Training Standard for Information Systems Security (INFOSEC). The C)ISSO course is designed for a forward-thinking cybersecurity professional or consultant that manages or plays a key role in an organization's information security department. The C)ISSO addresses a broad range of industry best practices, knowledge and skill sets, expected of a security leader. The Candidate will learn both the theory and the requirements for practical implementation of core cybersecurity concepts, policies, practices, monitoring and compliance. Through the use of a risk-based approach the C)ISSO is able to implement and maintain cost-effective cybersecurity controls that are closely aligned with business requirements. This 5 day course retails for $3,000 and is delivered via: classroom, live on line or self-study. The self-study course retails for $1500.

Learning Objectives


Module 1: Risk Management

Module 2: Security Management

Module 3: Identification and Authentication

Module 4: Access Control

Module 5: Security Models and Evaluation Criteria

Module 6: Operations Security

Module 7: Symmetric Cryptography and Hashing

Module 8: Asymmetric Cryptography and PKI

Module 9: Network Connections

Module 10: Network Protocols and Devices

Module 11: Telephony, VPNs and Wireless

Module 12: Security Architecture and Attacks

Module 13: Software Development Security

Module 14: Database Security and System Development

Module 15: Malware and Software Attacks

Module 16: Business Continuity

Module 17: Disaster Recovery

Module 18: Incident Management, Law, and Ethics

Module 19: Physical Security

Framework Connections