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Course Description

The Certified Cyber Security Analyst course prepares an organization to create a complete end to end solution for proactively monitor prevent, detect and mitigate threats as they arise in real time.  This fast paced and thorough course will lead the student through a well-rounded experience where he/she will be able to set up an deploy state of the art open source and for purchase analysis tools, intrusion detection tools, syslog servers, SIEMs along with integrating them for the entire company to find and, in many cases prevent today's exploits.

Learning Objectives

Module 1: Blue Team Principles
Module 2: Digital Forensics
Module 3: Malware Analysis
Module 4: Traffic Analysis
Module 5: Assessing the current State of Defense within the Organization
Module 6: Leveraging SIEM for Advanced Analytics
Module 7: Defeating the Red Team with Purple Team Tactics

Framework Connections