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  • Online, Instructor-Led
  • Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

Focus will be placed on the theoretical and practical aspects of requirements development. Students will recognize the place of requirements, how to work with users, requirements methods and techniques, the various requirements types, how to set requirements development schedules, requirements evolution, how to model and prototype requirements, how to evaluate and manage risk in requirements, techniques to test requirements, how to manage the requirements process, and how to write an effective requirements document.

Learning Objectives

Understand requirements engineering concepts. Recognize and describe different types of requirements (functional, non-functional, facts, constraints). Elicit and analyze requirements from stakeholders. Specify requirements effectively in a requirements document. Assure the quality of requirements through verification and validation. Maintain and manage requirements, including dealing with requirements change and traceability. Adapt the requirements development process to the software/system development methodology (e.g., waterfall, iterative, agile). Assess effectiveness of the requirements development process. Understand the relationships between requirements and testing. Understand and apply alternative (modern) approaches to requirements engineering

Framework Connections