• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

Get hands-on experience building secure solutions for Smart Cards, encryption, Secure Access and other exciting applications. Get a grip on Certificate Lifecycle Management using proprietary products to administrator smart cards and certificates. Install, configure, test, and manage PKI with Active Directory. The course will provide basic PKI expertise in design, standards and safety requirements when implementing PKI in your own environment.

Learning Objectives

After completing this hands-on PKI and Active Directory training, you will be able to:

  • Describe PKI and the major components of a PKI.
  • Design a certification authority (CA) hierarchy to meet business requirements.
  • Install Certificate Services to create a CA hierarchy.
  • Perform certificate management tasks, CA management tasks, and plan for disaster recovery of Certificate Services.
  • Create and publish a certificate template, and replace an existing certificate template.
  • Enroll a certificate manually, auto-enroll a certificate, and enroll a smart card certificate.
  • Implement key archival and recovery in ADCS.
  • Configure trust between organizations by configuring and implementing qualified subordination.
  • Deploy smart cards in a Windows environment.
  • Secure a Web environment by implementing SSL security and certificate-based authentication for Web applications.
  • Implementing and managing Certificate based BitLocker Data Recovery
  • Implement and use code signing.

Framework Connections