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Course Description

CompTIA Certified Technical Trainer (CTT+) certification is a cross-industry credential that provides recognition that an instructor has attained a standard of excellence in the training field.

Institute of Information Technology CompTIA CTT+ course is the only 5-day class that prepares you for all three CompTIA CTT+ exams. The course not only focuses on traditional classroom style instruction, but also on delivering training virtually. IIT has packaged this unique and comprehensive program while considering the co-existence of both classroom and virtual training styles, and the growing adoption/popularity of virtual training.

Institute of Information Technology's CompTIA CTT+ is a highly interactive and participant-driven course designed to cultivate the technical training and concept delivery skills in trainers, technicians, subject matter experts, presenters, sales and support staff in any organization. The participants will connect abilities, theories and situations to create their most effective instructional styles. This course is accepted by Microsoft and ProSoft towards their MCT.

In this course, each student will be required to prepare training materials and to serve as the class instructor for a minimum of 5 hours.

Learning Objectives

Earning the CTT+ certification designates you as a recognized trainer in your field. As an instructor, you not only have to plan engaging classroom lectures, practice tasks and exams, but you must also be a knowledgeable and effective communicator. CTT+ certification provides comprehensive training standards to validate your skills in a traditional or virtual classroom environment, and ensures that you can teach effectively and step up to the front of the class with confidence.

Framework Connections

Specialty Areas

  • Risk Management
  • Software Development
  • Systems Development