National CAE Designated Institution
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Course Description

Learn good practice and techniques for developing software in a way that prevents the inadvertent introduction of security vulnerabilities in mobile, enterprise, web-based and embedded software systems. This three-day course contains a mix of lecture and hand-on exercises that emphasize not only the development of code that is secure, but as a result of the application of secure coding techniques, is maintainable and resilient.

Learning Objectives

  • Develop foundational knowledge of the concepts, techniques and standards that guides the development of software that reduces the risk of deploying code that contains exploitable vulnerabilities.
  • Learn good design principle and practice for developing software systems that are secure and robust.
  • Understand techniques for conducting static code analysis and reviews that seek to identify vulnerabilities in legacy code and code under development.
  • Learn techniques for securing legacy software systems.
  • Develop good working knowledge of techniques for securing data at rest and in motion.

Framework Connections