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  • Online, Instructor-Led
  • Classroom
Course Description

This course provides a holistic perspective on the structure of the cyber space ecosystem, the interoperability of the physical and social networks, and methods and techniques in building a functional cyber space which is secure and sustainable. Topics include global networking and communication, data mining and information fusion, secure cyber network and intrusion detection, forensic computing and investigation, incident response and risk management, security and privacy, security and privacy, and policy and assurance. The course also features expert lectures and case-based projects on cyber security in several areas including health care, finance, media, government, defense, and critical infrastructures.

Learning Objectives

With the advances in information and communication technologies, cyber threats are becoming ubiquitous, and security is a great concern to the modern society. To create a safer connected world, this course offers a broad introduction to essential topics in cybersecurity. The goal of this course is to help the students learn about modern information systems and how they can be exploited and protected in practice. This includes the topics of security basics, threat modeling, basic cryptography, authentication, access control models, cloud architecture and usage, enterprise and network security, and modern approaches for cyber defense including artificial intelligence (AI) and learning techniques.

Framework Connections