National CAE Designated Institution
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Course Description

This 4 year undergraduate program provides a solid foundation for entry level positions in any of the workforce positions depending on the interests and focus of the individual student. Entry level, transfer or returning students (include veterans) are able to enter the program throughout the year.

Courses are offered primarily on campus in Prescott, AZ. Some general courses are available on-line through the worldwide campus. Students will learn programming in Python, C, C++. Administrative skills with networks, servers, desktops will occur primarily through projects. Courses include Introduction to Cyber, Networks, Network Security, Cryptography, Penetration Testing, Malware analysis, Operating Systems.

The program of study is designed to meet the NSA CAE standards. Students completing the program are ready to take certification tests in Security+ and CISSP. Internships, Co-ops and research opportunities are available and limited only by the interest and drive of the student.

Learning Objectives

  1. Learn the basic skills and techniques for working in a cyber security position in industry or government
  2. Learn the skills for presenting information in a clear written and verbal manner
  3. Learn the skills for critical thinking required when faced with a new problem
  4. Learn the skills and practice in team settings to perform complex tasks and projects
  5. Understand the 8 foundational knowledge domains of CISSP
  6. Develop the business understanding to be able to prioritize solutions based on risk framework

Framework Connections