• Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The Cyber Crisis Management Certification Series ("The Series") provides a unique opportunity for organizations to gain knowledge, demonstrate skills, and leverage new abilities required to plan for a major cyber incident, develop and deliver cyber exercises, and effectively lead during a cyber crisis. The Series includes the 2-day Cyber Crisis Management Planning Professional (C2MP2), the 1-day Cyber Crisis Management Exercise Professional (C2MEP), and 2-day Cyber Crisis Management Leadership Professional (C2MLP) certification courses. Attendees can register for any combination of courses. Larger organizations may send different personnel to different sessions due to different roles and responsibilities whereas a smaller organization may send a small contingent to all sessions. The courses each provide a unique capability focus as part of a larger integrated incident response maturity framework developed by Cyber Crisis Response. Cyber Crisis Response is the original creator of the incident response framework, which was initiated following the publishing of Cyber Crisis Management Planning: How to reduce cyber risk and increase organizational resilience by Jeffrey Crump. Today, no other organization can match the Cyber Crisis Response integrated training or service solution for cyber crisis management.

Learning Objectives

This series provides individuals and organizations a unique opportunity to build critical skills required to effectively plan for a major cyber incident, how to validate their organization's cyber crisis management plan through the development and delivery of cyber exercises, and how to effectively lead during a cyber crisis. The Series provides specific guidance and templates on how to build a cyber crisis management plan, how to build tabletop exercises, and how to retrain their routine intuition to handle non-routine major cyber incidents.

Framework Connections