• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

As a certified Cyber Crisis Management Planning Professional (C²MP²), you will have the knowledge to help organizations prepare for a major cyber crisis by leading the development of an integrated plan that serves not only IT, but also functional business and operational groups required to maintain resilience. This three-day immersive boot camp is taught by the author of Cyber Crisis Management Planning: How to reduce cyber risk and increase organizational resilience. A free copy of the book is provided as course material.

Learning Objectives

A deep, hands-on immersion into the development of a Cyber Crisis Management Plan (CCMP), which like a major cyber event, requires the collaboration of unit functional leaders and their partners in information technology/information security. During the fog of war (cyber crisis) is not the time to figure out how to respond. An effective response requires careful planning across an organization. This in-depth, hands-on immersion boot camp gives attendees the knowledge and tools to complete their own CCMP.

Framework Connections