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Course Description

This Linux+ Certification course is designed for someone who has minimal Linux experience to validate their skill sets. The students will validate their experience by learning the fundamental management of Linux Systems, demonstrate the knowledge of user administration, understand file permissions, software configurations, and management of Linux-based clients, server systems and security. In today’s job market, having the correct skills and qualifications will ensure you a competitive chance at achieving your employment goals.

The Linux+ certification has grown steadily in the past few years due to the amount of applications being developed on this enterprise ready platform. Some of these Linux based applications have been for the Website Hosting, Mobile Phones, and Server Side platforms. Upon completion of training, a student needs to pass two exams. After completing this exam for certification, students can qualify to work as a Computer Repair Technician, Computer Help Desk Support, and/or Linux Administrator

Learning Objectives

CompTIA Linux+ covers common tasks in major distributions of Linux, including the Linux command line, basic maintenance, installing and configuring workstations, and networking.

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