• Online, Instructor-Led
  • Classroom
Course Description

Designed by operators for operators, this accelerated course is designed to help understand container security. We use a hands-on approach during instruction to permit students to learn about container security within Docker and Kubernetes in an accelerated, and practical curriculum. We teach containers from start to finish using our hands-on cyber-range with a focus on cyber-security.

Learning Objectives

Learning Objectives

Participants of this course will learn:

  • 1. Docker and Kubernetes containers
  • 2. Limitations and risks for containers workloads
  • 3. Testing and validating existing security defenses using containers
  • 4. Preventing container escapes in Windows systems
  • 5. Preventing container escapes in Linux systems
  • 6. Auditing Kubernetes deployments
  • 7. Use containers to analyze malware and network communications
  • 8. Use cyber-security tools within containers

Framework Connections