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Course Description
  • This course explores techniques used by hackers to access protected data.
  • Students will learn about cybercrime laws, penalties and organizations defending civil liberties of citizens.
  • Students will learn about the various methodologies hackers use to gain access to confidential data such stealthy network recon, passive traffic identification, etc.

Learning Objectives

  1. Evaluate cybercrimes and penalties and contrast cybercrimes with civil liberties of citizens in the digital world.
  2. Compare the different methods of attacks used by hackers to gain access to confidential data and describe them.
  3. Compare and contrast the different testing policies when performing a vulnerability assessment.
  4. Assess vulnerabilities on a network, obeying the rules of engagement.
  5. Write a formal report documenting the procedures used by an attacker attempting to gain access to confidential data.

Framework Connections