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Course Description

This is the expert-level business continuity management certification. This certification maps to all ISO 22301 competence requirements.

Building upon the foundation understanding of the Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) platform validated by the Certified Business Continuity Strategist credential, the Certified Business Continuity Manager (CBCM) attests to your ability to develop the necessary incident management plans (IMPs) and response procedures necessary to fulfill the strategic objectives that have already been finalized. The CBCM also certifies that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to properly administrate the deployment, testing, and maintenance of IMPs and response procedures.

Learning Objectives

CBCM certification ensures that you are qualified to develop strategic objectives including, but not limited to:

✅ determine and guide the selection of alternative business recovery operating strategies for continuation of business within recovery time and/or recovery point objectives, while maintaining the organization's critical functions;
✅ deliver solutions for continuation of business within the recovery time and/or recovery point objectives, whilst maintaining the organization's critical functions;
✅ develop, coordinate, and evaluate plans and procedures to communicate with internal stakeholders during incidents;
✅ provide post-incident support and guidance for employees and their families

Upon completion of this training and certificate program, you will also:

✅ expand your risk management and business continuity competency in line with internationally recognized standards of best practice;
✅ increase your credibility through gaining international recognition; and
✅ improve your résumé and help to increase your earning potential.

Framework Connections