• Online, Instructor-Led
  • Classroom
Course Description

In this intense five-day course, students will learn a variety of covert techniques used to enter secure commercial facilities. From lock picking and key decoding to RFID cloning and alarm sensor bypassing, participants will receive instruction from the foremost covert entry industry authorities. This course will challenge students to maneuver their way through real-world scenarios. Students who demonstrate proficiency will receive a Certificate of Completion.

Learning Objectives

Lock Picking
Advanced Lock Bumping
Lock Decoding
Key Decoding
Key Impressioning
Key Mold and Cast Techniques
Master Key Privilege Escalation
Lock Bypass Methods
Lock Cylinder Forensics
Bypassing of Electronic Access Controls
RFID Cloning / Replay / Bypass
Alarm Sensor Bypass
Construction of Field Expedient Tools
Facility / Site Recon
Physical > Digital > Social Attack Chain
Each student will be issued a professional covert entry toolkit to be used for the duration of the Course, which they are able to keep.

Framework Connections