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Course Description

This course includes all 171 CMMC practices, a subset of practices from NIST SP800-171B, and additional practices to demonstrate an advanced cybersecurity program. In addition, our CA-5 course covers advanced cybersecurity concepts and ensures participants are knowledgeable on ways to protect CUI and reduce the risks of Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs). It provides a comprehensive review of enterprise security requirements, security architecture and design, and advanced detection methods to identify cybersecurity threats and attack vectors. By attending this course, you will gain the expertise and technical skills required to successfully conduct CMMC-AB assessments at any Maturity Level.

Learning Objectives

By attending this course, participants will: develop a working knowledge of all CMMC practices and processes at all maturity levels, be able to explain advanced security practices, defensive responses and security design, gain a detailed understanding of enterprise security requirements, be able to identify and mitigate advanced cybersecurity threats and attack vectors, and acquire knowledge on how to protect CUI and reduce risks of APTs.

Framework Connections