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Course Description

Our CA-1 course trains candidates to assess and document an organization against the criteria of CMMC ML-1, which culminates in a CMMC-AB examination and observation. Participants are introduced to the principles for basic cyber hygiene outlined in 17 practices that make up Level 1 of the CMMC Model, and basic safeguarding of Federal Contract Information (FCI). It provides an overview of the cybersecurity principles and the integral role of the cybersecurity professional in protecting enterprise data.

Learning Objectives

By attending this course, you will: understand the 17 practices for basic cyber hygiene, explain CMMC Maturity at Level 1, gain exposure to basic safeguarding of Federal Contract Information (FCI), become familiar with the four phases of the CMMC Assessment Methodology, identify documentation required for each practice and process, identify potential threats, learn system hardening techniques, and create recommendations based on assessments.

Framework Connections