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Course Description

Cyber attacks pose an unprecedented existential threat to businesses. From espionage, ransoms, political retribution, random acts, and outright theft of key technology, cyber attacks can cripple small and large businesses. The staggering number of attacks coupled with the devastating severity of attack creates a need for leaders to act more decisively to protect their businesses from these threats. Today's businesses need executives and senior leaders who understand cybersecurity, can effectively build strategies to protect their business, and can work collaboratively to respond to attacks when they occur. Business leaders must understand the foundations of cybersecurity, have tools to make strategic decisions, and invest wisely in cybersecurity controls.

During this course, you will develop an in depth knowledge of the intricacies of cyberspace and learn tools to lead and manage your business amid the constant onslaught of cyber attacks. You will learn to translate the technological underpinnings of cyberspace and cybersecurity into usable principles and tools for making informed strategic business decisions to protect your business from cyber attacks

Learning Objectives

  • Develop a cybersecurity strategy
  • Integrate cybersecurity into your operations
  • Invest wisely in risk mitigation
  • Create an effective team environment
  • Establish effective corporate policies and investments
  • Collaborate with industry and government in cybersecurity
  • Respond effectively to protect your business

Framework Connections