• Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

This course investigates how companies create, foster, and deliver new technology solutions in conjunction with their business models. You will examine how companies such as Xerox PARC, Intel, IBM,and others develop, encourage, manage, and reward employee creativity and innovation. Throughout the course modules, you will learn skills you can use to increase your own creative skills. Good ideas and bad ideas often mask themselves, hiding underlying benefits and pitfalls.

As you read through the course materials, you will learn "best practices" you can employ to select and prioritize good ideas. At Businesses exist to maximize profits. You will learn how to use traditional business metrics, such as return on investment (ROI), and to determine the potential return on creativity and innovation (ROCI).

Learning Objectives

  1. Justify the role of creativity and innovation within a business model.
  2. Recommend ways companies can use creativity to improve alternative business practices within different business groups.
  3. Describe the value of research and development to a company's short-term and long-term success.
  4. Analyze methods companies use to foster innovation.
  5. List factors that influence a company's ability to innovate.
  6. List ways companies create and capture value from new technology innovations.
  7. Describe ways companies fund innovations.
  8. Analyze the value of innovation and intellectual property as a company asset.
  9. Describe ways companies can transition into a "creative organization".
  10. Apply techniques to improve your own creative processes.
  11. Describe the climate of a creative organization.
  12. Describe leadership skills that encourage creativity and innovation .
  13. Describe ways companies can sustain an innovative environment.
  14. Explain the role of marketing to the business model.
  15. Analyze ideas in terms of business metrics.
  16. Recommend ways companies can use creativity and innovation in all business processes.

Framework Connections