Knowledge ID: K0613

Knowledge Description: Knowledge of who the organization’s operational planners are, how and where they can be contacted, and what are their expectations.

Work Roles with this Knowledge:

  • Work Role ID: CO-CLO-001
    Work Role Description: Identifies collection authorities and environment; incorporates priority information requirements into collection management; develops concepts to meet leadership's intent. Determines capabilities of available collection assets, identifies new collection capabilities; and constructs and disseminates collection plans. Monitors execution of tasked collection to ensure effective execution of the collection plan.
    Specialty Area(s): Collection Operations
  • Work Role ID: OV-LGA-002
    Work Role Description: Develops and oversees privacy compliance program and privacy program staff, supporting privacy compliance, governance/policy, and incident response needs of privacy and security executives and their teams.
    Specialty Area(s): Legal Advice and Advocacy