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Course Description

This program is a vendor-neutral approach to gaining foundational networking skills. This course stacks very well with other vendor-specific courses, such as Cisco Certified Network Associate or Microsoft Server Administrator. In this program, students will gain skills in managing, maintaining, troubleshooting, installing, operating, and configuring basic network infrastructures. Students will be able to demonstrate their skills in hands-on exercises in virtual lab environments. Learners will demonstrate ability to implement and administer a network operating system in an environment that has the following characteristics: network services and resources such as messaging, a database, file and print, a proxy server, a firewall, the Internet, an intranet, remote access, and client computer management; and connectivity requirements such as connecting branch offices and individual users in remote locations to the corporate network and connecting corporate networks to the Internet.

Learning Objectives

Course Objectives:

Linked to the CompTIA Network+ Certification

  • Basic components and characteristics of a network
  • Host-to-network and network-to-network connections
  • LAN wiring components and conventions
  • Differentiate between wired networking devices
  • Configure a workstation, switch, and router
  • TCP/IP communications protocols basics
  • Practical overview of IP subnetting and how it works
  • Wireless networking components
  • Common security threats and mitigation techniques
  • Securing systems and network devices
  • Controlling access to the network
  • Monitoring network resources
  • Troubleshooting the network

Framework Connections