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Course Description

In this course, you will receive hands—on training for the latest security issues related to IPv6. You will learn how to recognize and proactively mitigate IPv6 attacks by configuring IPv6 Access Control Lists (ACLs) and creating firewall stateful rules. Hands—on labs will reinforce topics discussed during class, and you will use IPv6 hacking tools to actively attack ACL and firewall configurations.

Learning Objectives

How to write an IPv6 security policy and best practices
Create ACL and reflexive ACLs to protect your company’s network
Make firewalls IPv6 aware
Build objects and perform firewall filtering
IPSec filtering and configuring IPSec tunnels
Security issues related to IPv6 tunneling
Protect against IPv6 extension headers attacks
Recon attacks and exploits within the enterprise network
Implement security policies on local operating systems and servers
Configure packet filtering on firewalls and routers

Framework Connections