The CAE-CDE program of study at Marquette University is delivered as a specialization in Information Assurance and Cyber Defense within the M.S. in Computer and Information Science degree program. The Center for Cyber Security Awareness and Cyber Defense was designated as a CAE by NSA and DHS for the period 2018-2023.

At Marquette University we know that the highest standards of academic excellence create remarkable results. Students are equipped to not only become professionals who excel in their fields, but also to live a life of purpose, to carry out actions that better the world, and ultimately, Be The Difference. Students at Marquette University who are seeking a CAE program of study for a professional career quickly discover why Marquette University and the M.S. in Computing program are given high marks in student engagement and financial, technical, and career support.

The CAE at Marquette University is further distinguished because of the following:

  • The program of study is a specialization in the #6 ranked online master’s degree in Information Technology according to US News and World Reports and the highest ranked online master’s program that also carries the CAE designation.
  • The program provides a career change option that allows graduate students with any academic background to enter a CAE-CDE certified program of study and graduate in two years or less.
  • The program supports complimentary study of all the disciplines that are related to computing, Computer Science, Software Engineering, Information Technology, Computer Engineering, and Information Systems.