Designated as a Center of Academic Excellence since 2006, Champlain College offers a range of degrees and certificates in cybersecurity and digital forensics — on-campus and 100% online.  Champlain College students are immediately immersed in cybersecurity and forensics courses rather than waiting until they’ve completed all their general-education requirements. As a result, our traditional students start professional internships sooner, and our online students make an impact immediately by applying coursework to their workplaces. Whether online or on-campus, students learn through hands-on, experiential activities with access to state-of-the-art laboratories—on-campus and virtually. Our solutions-based approach to education allows more meaningful learning.  Specifically, Cybersecurity majors learn real-world offensive and defensive techniques for protecting information assets. We use a “Defense-in-Depth” approach in all of our security coursework, meaning we focus not just at a single security measure, but rather the use of multiple layers of redundancies to mitigate the risks associated with a security breach. Additionally, our coursework aligns with the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE). Champlain offers a variety of Cybersecurity and Digital Forensics programs, from bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees to undergraduate and graduate certificates. On-campus courses follow a traditional academic year calendar, but Champlain College Online offers courses in 7-8 week terms and offers 6 start dates throughout the year.  To learn more, visit for information about our online opportunities or for our on-campus experience. Additionally, Federal employees receive a significant tuition discount at Champlain College Online; to find out more visit