Bloomsburg University offers the only digital forensics certificate program in the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and one of the only bachelor level digital forensics certificate programs in the country. Completing the program will qualify the certificate recipients to apply for abundant employment opportunities in the cybersecurity and digital forensics fields.

The digital forensics certificate program is fully online allowing you to attend classes from anywhere in the world and complete the following course work based on your schedule. The curriculum is divided into six courses and can be completed in about one year.  

The curriculum covers in-depth topics and provides hands-on exercises. Digital forensics certificate students will:

  • Analyze file systems found on hard drives and other digital media
  • Recover deleted pictures, documents, and internet activity
  • Trace network activity to find weaknesses and compromises
  • Determine system and network vulnerabilities
  • Discover ways to protect systems and data from hackers
  • Utilize industry standard forensic software to analyze digital media images

The main focus of the digital forensics certificate is supporting the national mission to educate and train the Nation’s future cybersecurity workforce. The digital forensics certificate program offers the rigorous training necessary to immediately join the workforce.

Bloomsburg University has excellent and well-known faculty members with practical experience and deep knowledge in this field of study. For those interested in a degree program, in addition to the online certificate program, Bloomsburg University offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Digital Forensics.