• Classroom
  • Online, Instructor-Led
Course Description

The Certified AI Security Architect (CASA™) certification is designed to equip professionals with the knowledge and skills necessary to design, implement, and manage secure AI systems. This certification covers a range of topics from the foundational principles of AI and machine learning to advanced security strategies specific to AI technologies.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand fundamental concepts of artificial intelligence (AI) security.
  • Identify common threats and vulnerabilities in AI systems.
  • Learn techniques to secure AI models and data.
  • Explore ethical considerations in AI security.
  • Develop skills to implement security measures in AI applications.
  • Gain knowledge of regulatory compliance relevant to AI security.
  • Master best practices for monitoring and mitigating AI security risks.
  • Capable of designing and implementing secure AI architectures.

Framework Connections

The materials within this course focus on the NICE Framework Task, Knowledge, and Skill statements identified within the indicated NICE Framework component(s):

Specialty Areas

  • Risk Management
  • Network Services
  • Systems Development
  • Systems Requirements Planning
  • Test and Evaluation