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VoIP for Dummies - Asterisk VoIP Server setup with Android, iOS, Win Apps - Using Fully Open Source Server and Clients

In this course, we will setup a VoIP server and the client devices and the clients can make calls in between them using the VoIP server. And no prior experience is required.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows you to make phone calls across devices without using the normal analogue phone connection. So your calls will be placed across internet and the normal phone lines are not required.

VoIP allows you to make calls from a computer, a mobile phone which is connected to internet, or a normal phone which is connected to a specific adapter called the 'VoIP Adapter'. The major benefit is that since this call is placed over internet, you don't need a separate line or a dedicated line in-order to make the call. Just an internet connection is more than enough to make a call.

If you are a business owner trying to get down the cost of communication at your office, or you are trying to setup a vast call based call center operation or you are a technical enthusiast who wants to host your own VoIP server and provide this service to your client users, then this is the course exactly for you.

Let me now give you a brief overview of what are the topics that we are going to cover in this course.

In the first session, which is basically a theory session, we will be covering the technology behind VoIP. And we will be covering the architecture and the working of VoIP technology compared to the normal PSTN (Public Switching Telephone Network) that has been there from the beginning.

And in the next session we will be setting up own own ubuntu based VPS server in an Amazon (AWS) ec2 instance. I am preferring Amazon , because they have a very flexible plan and they have an option called 'Free Tier', which we can use free for one year with a very minimal cost if you are keeping your usage in an optimal state.

And after setting up the VPS server, we will installing Asterisk, which is a very popular open source VoIP server software available, and we will be installing it into our VPS server and we will also configure the ports, the specific number of ports that are required for the client devices to communicate with other client devices through the server.

And in the next session, which is an important session, in which we will be configuring the dial plan and the extensions that we are going to use with our server. We will also make configuration to accept audio calls as well as video calls through our VoIP server.

For our VoIP client applications we will be using an application called Linphone. It is also a completely open source application and the advantage is that it is available for all the platforms. For windows, Linux, Mac, Android and iOS device and the source code is completely open. You can download it and customize it as per your needs.

The same configuration settings that you are going to make in this softphone, do the same configuration if you have a physical, hard wired, IP Phone with you. You can enter all these configuration into that and it will also work in the same way as we configure the softphone clients.

And in the next session, we will be configuring a windows based softphone, which is our Linphone. We will be installing it in our windows and we will configure the option so that it can register with the server and make video and audio calls in between devices.

And later, we will configuring it for Android. The same configurations. We will be installing it from the play store in an android device and we will make the configuration so that video and audio calls can be placed.

And after that, we will have it for iPhone We will directly download it from the iPhone App Store and we will be installing it into our iPhone and then we will try to make calls from iPhone to other devices and we will be testing the video calls as well as audio calls across the devices.

Learning and becoming an expert in VoIP technology is actually a very rewarding career because VoIP technology is very extensive so far and there is some time in future where we will discard all those analogue telephone lines and we will rely completely on VoIP based IP telephones. Because we need only a single internet channel , rather than having multiple channels.

So world is evolving into that kind of a technology and VoIP experts are very much required in the market. And by the end of this course, we will be providing with you an experience certificate (Course Completion Certificate), which you will have great benefits, if you are trying for a VoIP based career.

So see you soon in the class room. Let's make our first call ! Have a great day !!

Basic knowledge
A minimal configuration computer, a working internet connection, an Android Phone and an iPhone (optional)

Learning Objectives

Will be able to setup a working Asterisk VoIP Server with Android, iOS, Win Apps making audio and video calls to each other

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