• Online, Instructor-Led
  • Online, Self-Paced
Course Description

A Certified Cyber Crime Consultant is an expert in consulting, advising and investigating not just companies that have been hacked but professional athletes, entertainers, politicians, corporate executives, small businesses, parents, attorneys, private investigators or anyone that has a unique problem to solve, and nowhere else to turn. What makes this course different from other cyber security courses is that Certified Cyber Crime Consultant, teaches the business side, and the technical side of security. Most security certifications and degree programs only teach the technical side, leaving the student unaware of all they can do with their new certification or degree. They neglect to teach the student how to start their own cyber security business or how to pitch their services to companies. This course will educate and prepare students for a lucrative and prosperous career in the field of cyber security.

Learning Objectives

  • Hacked Network - As A Certified Cyber Crime Consultant, You Will Learn How To Investigate Computers, Websites And Networks That Have Been Hacked.
  • Cyber Extortion & Blackmail - Learn How Consumers, Business People, Entertainers, Athletes, Public Figures Are Being Blackmailed Or Extorted.
  • How To Consultant - How To Consultant With Other IT Managers, Law Enforcement, CEO's, Small Business Owners, Athletes, Entertainers and Other Organizations.
  • Social Media Investigations - Learn Different Techniques You Can Use To Locate A Person, Find Their Locations, Track Their Activities, Locate Their Friends And Family, Plus A Lot More.
  • Identity Theft - Learn How Individuals As Well As Companies Have Their Identities Stolen. Then Learn What The Bad Guys Do Once They Have The Identities.
  • Scams - Learn About The Different Scams And Schemes Crooks Use To Steal Information. This Includes Email Scams, Telephone Scams And More.

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