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Course Description
This Intermediate networking course will look at some of the more advanced tasks required to maintain a network. We will cover network tunneling, upgrading Cisco IOS to fix patches so we can avoid exploits, and other network troubleshooting tasks.

Learning Objectives

Prerequisites Students should have a working knowledge of networking fundamentals and the ability to understand where an issue may exist in a basic network topology. No certifications are required. A working knowledge of Cisco network devices would be useful as I will be using them throughout the course for various teaching points. Who is this Course For? Network Administrators, Network Engineers or other IT professionals Course Goals By the end of this course, students should be able to: * How to upgrade the firmware/software of their network equipment (or know how to find the process to upgrade) * Operate Windows and Linux Command Line Interface to troubleshoot basic network problems * Describe the various network copper and fiber cabling transmission speeds and lengths * Connect a small lab environment with the internet utilizing DHCP * Configure routers to use tunnels to communicate and isolate traffic

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