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Veterans, Ready for your Next Mission? Start Your Cyber Career!

Veterans, are you looking for a career change after your service in the military? Interested in taking the skills you learned and applying them in a new environment? Cybersecurity is a great way to continue to defend and protect American citizens against adversaries, foreign and domestic.

The Cyber Career Pathways Tool can help you figure out the next step in your career. Explore multiple work roles and the knowledge, skills, abilities, and tasks associated with each to determine how to move from one role to another. Maybe you need to take more cyber training courses? Or do you need a degree to advance to the next level? 

Did you know CISA offers scholarships to individuals interested in pursuing cybersecurity? Over 300 colleges and universities across the country have been federally designated as having robust cybersecurity degree programs. Many of these institutions offer financial assistance as well – up to $25,000 for undergraduate students and $34,000 for graduate students! 

CISA is committed to helping Veterans and their families better understand the cybersecurity career options and training and education opportunities available to them. Explore all of the tools and resources on and please contact us at for questions or more information.