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From College to Career – Congrats Grads!

Happy graduation month recent college grads! Congratulations on this major accomplishment and welcome to the next phase of your journey. Now, where to begin?!

Have you ever considered becoming a cybersecurity professional? Did you know there are over 500,000 open cybersecurity positions across the United States? Our nation needs qualified, competent individuals like yourself to join the cyber workforce and help protect our critical infrastructure from cyber adversaries. The tools and resources here on NICCS can help you get started.

The Workforce Framework for Cybersecurity, simply known as the NICE Framework, is the backbone of the workforce development information on NICCS. The NICE Framework provides a common language for describing cybersecurity work and consists of work roles and the tasks, knowledge, and skills (TKS) required to do that work. Explore the NICE Framework on NICCS to learn more about the cybersecurity workforce and what is required to succeed.

The Cyber Career Pathways Tool allows users to gain a better understanding of the NICE Framework work roles and how they relate to one another. Similarly, the Career Pathway Roadmap compares up to five work roles and their shared skillsets as well as identify areas for potential professional growth.

Maybe you need a bit more training before entering the workforce – NICCS has you covered! With over 6,000 cybersecurity training courses from hundreds of providers across the country and online, the NICCS Education & Training Catalog has something for everyone. But, if you are ready to find a career in cybersecurity, visit the Cybersecurity Careers by State today! There is no shortage of information on NICCS for recent college graduates and prospective cybersecurity employees.

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