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Announcing the New and Improved NICCS Website

The National Initiative for Cybersecurity Careers and Studies (NICCS) is pleased to announce a new and improved website.   Some new features include:

  • Modernized site presentation to conform to latest industry best practices
  • Aligned the site presentation with 
  • Utilized standards and human centered design principles from the United States Web Design Standards (USWDS)
  • Increased usability on mobile devices
  • Streamlined the training catalog search feature and improved the mobile search experience

We are also proud to announce the availability of a Cybersecurity Careers by State Interactive Map, the first of its kind.  Our streamlined interface allows for a better, more interactive job search experience.  The tool pulls data from daily to ensure timely and accurate job information is available.  Searching for a Cybersecurity job has never been easier. 

To learn more about NICCS go to:

To start searching for a Cybersecurity job go to: